Cyber Saiyan is a constantly growing community that has built, year by year, an amazing event where professionals, students, hackers or just curious people share ideas and attend cutting-edge technical talks.

Obviously, we are talking about RomHack and, guess what? Everything started back in 2018 so, in 2022 RomHack will reach a very important milestone turning 5 years old and needs to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

We believe that the 5th anniversary is an important step, so we would like to raise the bar and celebrate with an unforgettable outdoors Hacker Camp in Rome organized for passionate people and made by volunteers.

The camp is built around the well established RomHack conference and will inherit the style and the spirit from it.
It will enrich RomHack with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between communities in three days of learning, entertainment, knowledge sharing and, of course, beer drinking by means of cutting-edge talks, workshops and interactive labs.

Wanna be a part of it? Follow us, keep in touch to collaborate and stay tuned for updates.

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